Second Page

I usually leave the first page of a new sketchbook blank. There is too much pressure to fill it with something incredible and profoundly beautiful. So I turn the page and begin there. Please consider this the second page of my sketchbook, the spot where it's safe to begin, even if the beginning is imperfect.

I'm Caroline, but in our everything-in an-instant world, I go by Caro, because it's half the length, which means less typing. I live with my husband Tim in Northern Virginia with our two standard poodles, Sterling and Sable...I'll probably mention them often.

This is the beginning of something new, a mama + baby company that celebrates the beauty of becoming a mother and the milestones of growing babies! Just typing that makes me smile, I have a deep love for babies and their courageous mamas - though I'm not a mother myself (yet?!) I love to celebrate this life change with the women around me, and I love to spend my days taking photographs that remind mamas how beautiful they are and creating spaces to welcome new babies, and designing announcements that are personal. So that's what I'm planning to do with this new company, Caro Baby Co. 

So....welcome! Stick around for a bit, and maybe cheer me on...that would make me smile too!